Introduction Zargal
From virgin or recycled polymers to high performance products, this is the corebusiness of ZARGAL !

ZARGAL specialises today in the production of strapping, injection moulded pieces and of course recycled granules.

To accommodate the rapid growth of our business and partners, we have relocated our production unit to a state of the art factory in Ostend-Belgium with a surface of 22000 sqm.

Key objectives:

  • ZARGAL stands for innovation and advanced technology. With a constant interest for new opportunities and acquisitions of similar businesses, ZARGAL tries to expand ist product range.
  • ZARGAL is a true niche specialist, developing for and in close cooperation with its clients.
  • ZARGAL aims to be an added value for your company providing a balanced price, service and quality level, to establish a long lasting relation based upon partnership.
  • Products of the highest quality and the impact on the environment is one of ZARGAL's primary concerns. ZARGAL is Lloyd's registered ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ZARGAL is a sistercompany of Fitco NV and Fitco Grass

ZARGAL Bvba - John Cordierlaan 12 - 8400 OOSTENDE - Belgium - Tel.: +32(0)59 55 09 20 - Fax: +32(0)59 55 09 29 -